La Qua Brothers Burial Society

Death. It’s not something we like to think about but when there is a death in the family most people wish they had extra cash to pay for the funeral.

Like it or not, death is a part of life and something that has to be planned for. Joining the burial society helps protects you and your family against the financial burden of funeral expenses in the event of death of a loved one.

What the burial society can do for your family?

Think about it. If you are the sole breadwinner then your salary pays for rent, groceries, utilities, travel costs, school fees and clothes. Then one day, you might not be there anymore. Not only will your family have to cope with losing a loved one, they’ll also have to take care of the funeral expenses. These days a simple funeral can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Will they be able to cope?

You must also think about how you as the sole breadwinner would afford to arrange a funeral if you lost a loved one. Would you have to borrow money, or ask other family members to contribute?

La Qua Brothers Burial Society will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you will have help in meeting the cost of a funeral should you lose a family member that is a member of the burial society.

Burial Society Advantages

The society allows you to add other family members by paying a small amounts each month towards the cost of a funeral for all your family members.

After being a member for (2) years the Society will pay funeral benefits of $3000.00

Any member whose demise occurs before two (2) years, a 40% discount on a coffin less than $7,500 and full benefits on coffins over $7,500 will be given.

If a society member over two years dies overseas the society will help with the repatriation of your love one from overseas.