Garden of Remembrance Crematorium

The Garden of Remembrance Crematorium is the first Crematorium in Grenada, Carriacou, Petite Martinique and the Eastern Caribbean.

It was established in November 1989, not as a compulsory service for the future disposition of a loved one, but an added service to the people of the Grenada and the Caribbean in choosing which mode of final farewell they can have for their loved one who has demised. It’s either Land or Sea Burial, and now Cremation. The choice is yours.

We are located on the right side as you start ascending Cemetery Hill in St. George’s. The Cremator is located at the rear of the main Chapel. The main Chapel seats approximately 80 persons. To the right of the main Chapel there are two small Private Chapels for families who do not wish public viewing, but can have their family and close members sit in these chapels for their own private intentions.

The Cremulator is a single unit supplied by Industrial Equipment and Engineering Company of Orlando, Florida. This unit provides for a very clean and smoke free incineration of bodies. It is gas fired and takes about two to two and a half hours to cremate a body. On completion of cremation, approximately 9 to 10% of the body weight of the deceased remains as cremains.

The cremains are removed from the unit and taken to the preparation room where it is placed into a Cremulator which reduces the cremains to a very fine powder that is called Cremated Ashes. The ashes are then prepared for final disposal as requested by families. The ashes are then placed into an urn which is a vase or square shaped container for storing ashes.

The Columbarium is the place where Urns are put for safe keeping. The space can be rented from the Crematorium facilities. After an urn is placed in one of the chambers in the Columbarium Wall, it is then sealed with a plate in-scribed with the information of the cremated person.

The Garden of Remembrance is the Flower Garden of the Crematorium where families can scatter their loved one cremains. It is situated in the lawn of the Crematorium facilities. However, permission has to be obtained from the Manager or personnel of the Crematorium to scatter cremains (ashes).