What We Offer

We value our reputation for providing the highest quality funeral services, with the personal attention and professionalism to help your family through this difficult time.

At La Qua Brothers Funeral Home, you are presented with many burial service options that can be customized to best reflect your loved one’s unique life. Our main focus is to alleviate any unnecessary hardship, as we provide the highest quality of personal and compassionate service without compromise, at the most affordable cost.

From a burial service combined with a viewing, funeral, or celebration of life service at one of our chapels, a church, or at another appropriate location, to a simple graveside service, our licensed funeral directors are dedicated to help families with their wishes and honor their loved ones.

Our team takes time to assure that you understand each scenario of different burial services as well as the variety of casket and vault options available to ensure that your choice best represents your loved one’s personal preference, beliefs, and culture, as well as the budget.

We are a full service funeral home with a focus on traditional service offerings, including: Traditional Funerals, Memorial Services, Graveside Ceremonies, Military Services, State Funerals, Official Funerals, Basic and Full Service Cremation Options, Headstones, Wreaths, Graves, Tombs and we are in Specialize in Shipping and Repatriation of your love ones anywhere in the world.

Traditional Funerals

Traditional funerals remains common practice, especially among families who have long established traditions and family burial sites. This type of funeral normally includes a family or public viewing of the deceased. Viewing of the deceased, especially by the immediate family, is helpful in the process of accepting death and an important step in the process of resolution of grief. Following this will be the funeral service, typically held in the church or at the funeral chapel. The service is followed by interment either below ground (Earth Burial), above ground (Entombment) or cremation.

A member of the clergy may be asked to conduct the service or, in non-religious ceremonies, a funeral celebrant, family member, or close friend is asked to speak. Often, a eulogy is delivered, hymns are chosen, special music is played, passages of scripture or poems are selected and presented, or special requests of the deceased are honored.

Cremation Services

Cremation is the choice for those who desire alternatives to traditional cemetery burials. For some it is a religious-based or cultural choice, for others simply a personal decision. Though cremation is often associated with scattering ashes in a location that was meaningful to a loved one, this is just one way cremated remains can be memorialized. We offer a number of different options scattering at the garden of remembrance, burial, entombment, scattering at sea, or just providing an urn to keep the ashes where you choose, tailored toward your individual and personal decision regarding the final disposition of the remains.

Entombment Services

Families also have the option of selecting entombment. Many people prefer entombment because the deceased is protected from environmental elements. The mausoleum concept has also greatly expanded burial options for people of Catholic faith, who are now able to choose above ground burial. We offer a selection of entombment options. Tombs available are single units for one entombment, companion Tombs for two entombment, as well as other configurations to accommodate families.

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